Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Round Picks

Since every expert and their dog and cockatail made picks for the first round ,here are mine.
for those not familiar with my "system" when picking "brackets" I don't necessarily use "scientific" methods, in-depth analysis and advanced stats. My picks are usually based on gut feeling, my analysis is purely observational and in some cases i simply pick who I WISH they won the series not necessarily who I think WILL win the series.

And without any further ado:


Pittsburg Linuxes VS  NY Isles: I pick the Islanders. I am sick and tired of hearing how the Tuxedo birds will win it all again this year, how they are loaded with more talent than a horde of Korean geeks playing Starcraft 2. And I am sick and tired of hearing about the greatness of Crosby. So sorry, Iggy, you were always one of my favorite players .. but not cup for you again this year, just because you chose those crybabies. Nabber with Series MVP ... probably his last one in NHL giving Flower and extended Russian middle finger.
Suck it , Crosby!

Wash vs Rags: Ovechkin wins ... because  I hate the Rags. But no seriously the Caps were better down the stretch and all their main guys started clicking, and their D started resembling a D. King Henrik is going to pose a problem but there's enough firepower to take care of him , especially when Rags take a penalty.

Ottawa vs Mtl: Good lord, the two pansy frenchie fanbases getting at eachother .. how un-interesting. I pick Ottawa because  ... I find those fans a little less obnoxious than the ones in MTL. and because Price is not right nowadays.

Boston vs TO: Obviously Boston. Because they have Rask .. and Lucic and some other giant dude who plays for them. And because they play Toronto. Carlyle or no Carlyle, that team should not be in the playoffs. It's almost Blasphemy!

Meanwhile in the West:

Chitown vs Minny: Suter and Parisian sneaked into the playoffs and that is an even bigger crime than Toronto doing so. Therefore they will fall with a big thud. Probably kicked out of the ice with Brooms. Chitown for the Win.

Anaheim Vs Detroit: I hate Anaheim .. but i really like Selanne and Fasth. I hate Detroit .. but I absolutely love Datsyuk. Hard fought series but I did not like the contract Jiminnycricket got in goal for the dead wings so I will give this to Anaheim.

STL vs LA: I don't even have to waste any bits explaining why LA takes this series

Vancouver vs SJ: tough one. Sharks should walk all over the dainty divers .. but they do like to make things difficult and quite painful at times. In the end though, bobby Lou wants out of BC and I am sorry but Schneider is not what that skinny asian arsehole thinks he is. Sharks take this despite their tendency to piss me off :)