Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We Have Liftoff !

And there will be blood

A new hockey season is upon NHL fans everywhere, young and old, hardcore and bandwagonner, drunk and sober. 
And it came with a bang. Just ask George Parros's head. I heard it all the way to the 24 hr Fitness on Santa Teresa.
He'll be fine. And so will be the season
one can hope.
Because the first day was ...
... well, to exemplify, let's look at my takes from the first day of hockey in the 2013/1014 NHL season.

1) Their Media streaming sucks. To be more exact, CI for mobile. It blew last night. Kept cutting off every 15-30 seconds and then it was taking up to a minute to fill it's buffers and play again.
Sure, you, the reader will say: "meh it's your phone or your signal sucked".
So , since I am a geek, I am going to beak it down for you:
The phone is a Galaxy S4.  Quad core 1.9Ghz proc, 2 G's of RAM, customized Android, all bloat removed, only 11 essential background processes enabled (your average off the shelf Android fun runs three times that or more) 
So it's not the phone.
The signal, according to Android, was : -83 dBm, 14 asu. That is basically 5 full bars with another to spare.
Speedtest showed 6.4 Mbps. A quick ping of the servers the app seemed to get the stream from showed a return time of 5.8ms and further testing showed a ridiculously low packet loss. Not to mention that HD Veetle and Netflix worked flawlessly.
So it wasn't the signal. It was their app/service. And it is a handsomely paid service, so fix it you moronic clouts. BTW if any of the NHL monkeys reads this, I have logs from last night if you need proof.

2) Montreal blows. Last season it was a fluke and if the first game is an indication, they will go back to their old suckee ways. They deserve it anyway since PKS was awarded the Norris. That is supposed to be awarded to the best all around defenseman, not the one that scores most points. Sure it is not his fault the Professional Hockey Writers' Association is a collection of moronic sensationalist media types, but Karma is a beoatch and MTL deserves some payback . 
I actually did like the game( or what I was able to see of it, no thanks to NHL) but it would have been a much better game if half of both MTL and TO squads suffered some form of groin injuries inflicted by a stout foot planted in the nether regions. Yes I like both that much :)

3) If Grabovski punches points at a quarter of the clip he did last night he will make the TO brass look like fools. Not that they are not already, but further proof is always welcome :) .The Caps though, I don't know, they looked good at times but horrendous some other times. They are in for a long season. Goaltending is still shaky and i am not sure they can hold defensively without a solid performance in goal. 

4) The Oilers are still a headless collection of young and dumb but extremely talented , and stupid, players. That ragtag collection of testosterone and testicles still waiting to drop can't seem to grasp the concept of total effort and doing your absolute best or stepping up or what have you. They seem to be so delighted about some good individual play they had made and get too caught on in the monent, only to mess up two three times a few seconds later. 
This is NOT the NBA or NFL. Get over yourselves and get back to work.
Or change the sport if you like to act like buffoons.

That is it for today. I will try to do this at least once a week this season.

Enjoy the season, fools!
And drop a line ... it doesn't bite.