Monday, August 27, 2012

The Day Has Come

The End Is Nigh

 I have always maintained I am not going to do this because I would be horrible at it. I do not have the patience, the writing skills or even enough grasp on the basics of English grammar, to write a blog. 
However due to immense peer pressure (3 people asked) and the newly discovered secret desire to become a world renowned blogger like TheNeutral @fearthefin, since it's such a pimp life to be one, and since I needed a new hobby, I broke my word and ... well, here we are.

Anyway, what to expect out of this thing:
  • As those who know me (and probably the only people to read this "blog" ) already figured out, this is going to be mainly centered on hockey in general, NHL and the San Jose Sharks in particular but , since I also am a nerd, techie, gear head and overall a knowledgeable chap ... and a genius to boot ... I will sprinkle this "chef d'oeuvre" with other ingredients from various fields.
  •  This is not a daily blog. I might post three times in one day or once in an entire month
  •  As far hockey goes, this will reflect my own personal opinions backed by years of experience sitting around on chairs and in couches watching this sport played at various levels, and occasionally actually playing at it myself , covered in a thick tampon of protection designed to stop as many pucks from entering the net ... cause see .. I played goal .. since I suck at skating .. among other things.
  • This will not be a "links from around the web" type of blog, although I will provide links from blogs I use in my "work" or to bloggers I disagree with or simply choose to bash.
  • While stats will be used, do not expect to be bathed in yet another rehash of the whole "sabermetrics" debacle. I am of the opinion that "advanced" stats are very useful but they are just a complement to the observable hockey. A validation of sorts, if used properly, a valuable tool to examine results in system, roster, philosophy changes, yet not a valuable "predictor" as some number-hungry-yet-hockey-clueless bloggers would like you to believe. More on it in a future blog.
  • Comments, negative especially, are highly recommended. There are no rules for them other than whatever Google has already set in place but if, for whatever reason, I fell like you crossed whatever line I decide appropriate for the day, I will delete your comments, ban you, track you down and tell all your co-workers you eat children :).
  •   If I decide I can keep this as a regular blog and if it gets enough positive reaction (calculated in number of hate comments and death threats .. the more the better) , I might move it to a website of mine where others can blog at their own will .. again .. if I allow it ( I do like to be bossy :) )
 Oh and don't bash the layout  ... I will work on making it purrrdy soon.

So watcha think, folks? Should I really do it and what would be the first "real" blog you'd like to see from me?